French Pyrenees Mountains : A wonderful walk into the Cirque de Gavarnie. – 20 photos.

At an altitude of 1,600 meters this natural “cirque” is an amphitheater-like valley head.

It is around fifty kilometers from the town of Lourdes., the holy city on the foothill of the Pyrenees

Nestled in the emblematic landscape of the High Pyrenees, the cirque de Gavarnie is a favorite among walkers, and was a hotspot for the great figures of romanticism, such as Victor Hugo.

The “Colosseum of nature”, as Victor Hugo called the Cirque, has a “wall” which towers at 3248m and this magical place also boasts the largest waterfall in Europe.

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04- taillerie des pyrenees gavarnie

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Ici & Là Nature : Explore France off the beaten path.


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Ici & Là Nature : Explore France off the beaten path.

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Ici & Là Nature : Explore France off the beaten path.


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19-hotel du cirque gavarnie

Ici & Là Nature : Explore France off the beaten path.

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Next Post on Gavarnie : the Waterfall.

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28 replies to “French Pyrenees Mountains : A wonderful walk into the Cirque de Gavarnie. – 20 photos.

  1. This is beautiful. I’ve always dreamed of biking across Europe. Any advice on which spots in France I shouldn’t miss? Thanks for the follow, too 🙂 Your blog is awesome.


  2. I am of Basque heritage, but I’ve never been to the Pyrenees. I do live in the Sierra Nevada Mts and they are pretty too. Thanks for the visual tour of my ancestors homeland. Victor Sabino Uriz II.
    PS, My Grandfather owned a Basque hotel and restaurant and sheep ranch in Maryville CA.


    1. Hello Victor,
      I am married to Elwood Bourtayre. His grandmother was Jeannie Bourtayre (Ihidoy) your grandmother’s sister. Please contact me if you receive this email.
      Gerri Bourtayre


  3. Lourdes is also known as a place of pilgrimage for the springs are a source of water with a curative power so is believed. One day, once upon a time, there was this busload full of people in wheelchairs and they all were (wheelchairs as well) submersed in this healing bath. When they came out all the wheelchairs had new tyres. Dunno if the story is true but heard it from a local. OK it was after a few drinks… 😀
    Beautiful surroundings!!! Worthwhile to make the trip for whoever has never been there!


  4. hen we went to the Pyrenees 2 years ago that was one of the places I really wanted to see. Unfortunately my husband got too sick to walk for more than a few minutes, so we did most of our sightseeing by car. Thank you for showing me this awe-inspiring sight and giving me a reason to want to go back (not that I needed one). I look forward to your post about the waterfall.


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