France – Normandy : a port like no other… Honfleur – 80 photos.

cycling tour france normandy

02-hiking in normandy honfleur

Visiting Honfleur is traveling back in time through this beautiful preserved old town.

Best kown for its old dock ” Le Vieux Bassin “, the charming facades and the narrow paved streets of this ancient maritime city evoke an almost mediaeval atmosphere.

Still a fishing port and now a popular yacht harbour, this town has preserved its rich artistic and historic heritage with its picturesque streets, monuments, traditional buildings, museums, churches and museums.

01-biking holidays normandy france honfleur

28-cycling normandy honfleur vieux bassin

04-france normandy rambling paths honfleur

Biking tour normandy france

03-walking tour normandy france honfleur

biking france


29-honfleur cobblestone street

biking holdays france

35-honfleur normandy old street

30-normandy honfleur 13th century medieval house

biking normandy franc

85-old house honfleur

hiking and biking holidays france

biking holidays normandy france

33-honfleur vieux bassin

biking holidays normandy france

biking holidays normandy france

biking holidays normandy france


19-honfleur cycling holidays normandy france

81-normandy specialities shop honfleur

86-normandy coast old crate cider

23-honfleur compagnie du calvados

biking holidays france

80-normandy coast madeleine proust

73-normandy coast specialities rosé cider

76-normandy coast specialities biscuiterie jeannette caen

69-normandy specialities madeleine caen

72-normandy specilities Salted Butter Caramel

70-normandy specialities cake

71-normandy specialities jam

74-restaurants honfleur

24-honfleur restaurant la grenouille

biking france

95-honfleur normandy coast

67-hot tuna normandy coast

biking holidays france

38-Sainte-catherine church honfleur normandie

Surrounding this 15th and 16th century church, we will discover narrow cobbled streets, art galleries, boutiques and traditional craft shops.

61- old church of sainte-catherine honfleur normandy

The Saint-Catherine Church was built by shipwrights and is the largest wooden church in France.

39-christ sainte-catherine church honfleur normandy

40-sainte catherine church honfleur normandy

42-honfleur normandy sainte catherine church

43-honfleur normandy saint catherine church

hiking and biking holidays france

biking normandy coast

biking tour normandy france

55-art gallery normandy honfleur

68-Art gallery normandy coast honfleur

88-art gallery honfleur normandy coast

56-art gallery normandy honfleur

75-painter workshop honfleur

hiking and biking holidays france

27-honfleur antiquités

90-art shop normandy coast honfleur

89-art craft shop honfleur normandy

biking france

cycling holidays france

57-craft shop honfleur normandy

79-normandy coast honfleur

58-picturesque street honfleur normandy

60-pretty girl france normandy honfleur

59-art gallery old postcard honfleur normandy

62-Painter workshop honfleur normandy

44-sainte catherine church paved streets normandy honfleur

Biking tour normandy france

49-harbor normandy france honfleur

Biking tour normandy france

Biking tour normandy france

Biking tour normandy france

Biking tour normandy france

Biking tour normandy france

01-walking in normandy honfleur

satie french musician

06-native house erik satie honfleur

The Maisons Satie is a musical and visual tribute to the composer Erik Satie who was born in Honfleur in 1866.

34-honfleur erik satie

An accomplished early 20th century musician, Erik Satie worked with the greatest artists of his time : Braque, Cocteau, Picabia, Picasso ; and inspired such famous composers as Debussy, Ravel and Stravinsky.

08-erik satie native house honfleur


11-erik satie's native house honfleur

12-erik satie house honfleur

13-erik satie house france


walk in france

walk in normandy france

walk in normandy satie music


92-normandy coast honfleur

biking normandy coast honfleur harbor

biking tour normandy france

biking tour normandy

cycling tour france normandy

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19 replies to “France – Normandy : a port like no other… Honfleur – 80 photos.

  1. AMAZING pictures! Thanks so much for the follow, it means a lot to me seeing that you make beautiful stuff. Looking forward to seeing more from you in the future.


  2. Thank you for posting all these lovely pictures of a place I only knew of through my 100 years war studies! I will be storing Honfleur for a visit dans la future (please excuse mon petit Français) G;)


  3. Hi there! I have nominated you for the “Wonderful Team Readership Award!” I really enjoy reading your blog and feel you deserve some recognition! Have a wonderful day! 


  4. Thank you for taking us on a tour to Honfleur. The photos are great, so is the place. I would like to visit someday.


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