France – Brittany : Medieval Abbey of Beauport – Paimpol – 30 photos.

bretagne abbaye de beauport paimpol

42-abbaye beauport france

One of the finest preserved surviving examples of the religious architectural fervour that swept Brittany from the 11th century onwards, the Abbey was constructed in the 13th century overlooking Paimpol bay under the patronage of Count Alain de Goëlo .

He granted the living to the Premonstratensian canons, or White Canons, and for over 500 years their religious order shaped the abbey, grounds and surrounding environment.

The French Revolution saw the dissolution of the abbey and it became in turn, a stable, town hall, residential accomodation school and cider press.

03-french abbey beauport brittain

brittany map

04-art religieux abbaye premontre paimpol

06-religious art france church

07-french abbey france brittany

08-abbayes en france paimpol beauport

09-abbey in france brittany paimpol

10-romanesque architecture france

11-abbaye beauport paimpol bretagne

12-abbey in western europe paimpol

13-garden cloister abbey france

14-gothic religious art abbey france

15-historical monument france abbey

16-old door in france brittany

17-list historical monument france

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18-religious historical monument france

19-red flower abbey france

20-french historical monument paimpol

22-brittany north coast abbey

23-brittany historical monument france

24-discover historical monument france beittany

25-classified old monument france birttany

26-garden france

27-religious art monument france brittany

28-french garden

30-beauport abbey france

31-romanesque church france

32-romanesque church france

33-gothic arches france brittany

34-cloister abbey france

35-religious classified monument

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36-old stones france brittany

37-premontre abbaye beauport

38-abbaye bretagne beauport paimpol

39-abbaye bretagne beauport

40-meurtre dans un jardin anglais

41-escalier fleurs abbaye

43-house briitany

01-abbaye beauport bretagne

brittany map

bretagne abbaye de beauport paimpol

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11 replies to “France – Brittany : Medieval Abbey of Beauport – Paimpol – 30 photos.

  1. Beautiful! I’ve been to Paimpol several times but seemed to have missed this place! Great post with equally beautiful pictures. Next time I’m there, I’ll look for this abbey.


  2. Thanks for the photos, Beauport Abbey is a wonderful place to spend a few hours. The ruins combined with the wild, lush green and the overflowing roses create a very beautiful atmosphere. We visit every time we’re near there! )


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