01-omaha beach le débarquement

normandy landing beaches omaha beach

The massive Allied assault on the Normandy coastline on June 6, 1944, aimed to liberate France and drive into Nazi Germany.

Before dawn on June 6, three airborne divisions landed by para chute and glider behind targeted beaches. Allied naval forces, including the U.S. Coast Guard, conveyed assault forces across the English Channel . Beginning at 06.30 hours, six divisions U.S.,Canadian and British landed on Utah , Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword Beaches in history’s greatest amphibious assault.

The U.S. Infantry Divisions battled German resistance over beaches bristling with obstacles. To reach the village of Colleville, troops fought across an open area of up 200 yards, and attacked up steep bluffs . By days’ end, the Americans held fragile control of Omaha Beach.


Omaha Beach- June 6, 1944

03-omaha beach colleville sur mer

Omaha Beach, 2014.


04-omaha beach D-day

05-Omaha beach normandy landings

06-omaha beach battle of Normandy

omaha beach

Walter Rosenblum (American, 1919-2006). D Day Morning, Omaha Beach, 1944

07-invasion normandy omaha beach

omaha beach colleville D-Day 1944

09-commemoration normandy landing monument

08-D-Day 70 th anniversary 1944-2014

10-D-Day beaches travel colleville

11-battle normandy omaha beach colleville

12-omaha beach landing beach colleville



13-omaha beach normandy invasion colleville

15-plage colleville sur mer omaha beach

D-Day omaha beach

16-plage debarquement normandie omaha beach

17-omaha beach monument

18-Bataille de normandie france


us  soldiers omaha beach

Regional Council of Basse-Normandie-U.S. National Archives

20-omaha beach monument

21-colleville church normandy

22-circuit plage omaha path

23-hiking normandy omaha beach

24-D-Day le choc omaha beach

D-Day omaha beach

33-merci a nos liberateurs colleville

25-hiking normandy beaches colleville

26-battle of Normandy colleville

27-photo battle normandy colleville

29-mairie colleville omaha beach

30-normandy tour colleville


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31-normandy remembrance travel colleville

28-american military normandy

32-musee memorial omaha beach

34-overlord museum omaha beach

35-million dollar barrage

36-normandy 44 omaha beach overload museum

37-overlord museum omaha beach

38-tank omaha beach

39-allied forces normandy colleville

40-road to normandy

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02-normandy american cemetery colleville

normandy landing beaches omaha beach

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