France – Normandy : Titanic, return to Cherbourg – 60 photos

14-ou voir exposition titanic

Titanic return to France cherbourg

10 April ,1912 :The transatlantic port of Cherbourg received a visit from the mythic ocean liner  The Titanic before it met with its tragic destiny .In the former transatlantic harbour station, relive the unique crossing of the steamer Titanic  and become a witness of this historic and tragic cruise.

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04-finest largest Maritim railway terminal world

05-titanic cherbourg southampton

The luggage Hall in the Harbour Station, where people used to gather their luggage from the train before crossing the Atlantic.

06- maritim station titanic cherbourg

Here , 281 passengers embarked aboard the ship.

titanic on the sea

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40-when did titanic sinking 1912


31-titanic in cherbourg harbour jacques mignon

24- RMS TITANIC april 10, 1912 stopever in cherbourg

titanic on the sea

27- titanic 1912 return to cherbourg

48- RMS Titanic Crew

Titanic crew members : Harold Sydney Bride and  John George Phillips, telegraphists.

46-who was chairman white star line titanic 1912

J. Bruce Ismay, chairman of the White Star Line.

49- photos Titanic crew members

Titanic crew members :  Frederick Fleet and Reginald Robinson Lee , lookout men.

47-who was Titanic's captain 1912

Commandant Edward  John Smith, captain of the Titanic.

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16-sherman ellis island migrants

54-sherman' s portraits of emigrants america

21-immigration american soil sherman pictures

20 - immigration bureau augustus frederick Shermanellis island

17-photo sherman american immigrant

22-immigration service immigrants pics

23-emigrants titanic 1912

18-sherman pictures immigrant people

32-waves of emigrants in america

95- america emigrants crossing from europa

19-sherman immigration bureau ellis island

33- titanic exhibition cherbourg france

titanic on the sea

98- richard burton elizabeth taylor travels ocean

99- European emigrants to New York

For half a century, Cherbourg bade farewell to thousands of European emigrants to New York, as well as stars like Charlie Chaplin, Salvador Dali and many others….

01- maquette du titanic

10- titanic 1912 queenstown ireland

36-passengers on the Titanic liner 1912

11-titanic great steamship

12-steamship photos titanic

28-titanic general organisation of the liner


50 - titanic vertical cut ship's engine room

The ship’s engine room

42-General characteristics Titanic passenger liner


97- titanic giant seas construction site

titanic on the sea


53- titanic's telegraph message

61- Telegram from Titanic april 1912

titanic on the sea

34-titanic the greatest steamship

35- titanic the great steamship cherbourg harbour

37- first class passengers titanic

Titanic sinking

13-jet-set people titanic

55-titanic survivor lucy christiana duff gordon 1912

Titanic survivor : Lucy Christiana Duff Gordon

38- titanic survivor dorothy gibson

Titanic survivor : Dorothy Gibson

56 -titanic survivor - madeleine talmage Astor

Titanic survivor : Madeleine Talmage Astor

58- titanic passenger lost in the sinking colonel Astor

Lost in the sinking : Colonel Astor

titanic on the sea

25-TITANIC COLLISION 14 APRIL 1912 11-40 pm

28-the route of the titanic map

30-titanic orchestra eight musicians of the Titanic

The Musicians of the RMS Titanic all perished with the liner when it sank in 1912.

39-iceberg titanic

59-sinking of the titanic

Titanic – Sinking according to J. Thayer

62- titanic the deadly iceberg identified

60- titanic shipwreck 15 april 1912  hour 2 20 am

sinking titanic 1912

69-TITANIC SINKING - collapsible lifeboat with canvas sides

Titanic – A collapsible lifeboat with canvas sides

60- How i was saved from the titanic charlotte collyer

Charlotte Collyer remembers : How I was saved from the Titanic.

63-the evening sun april 15, 1912 all titanic passengers safe

70- titanic sinking - the world april 15, 1912

80- titanic new york herald april 1912

64- titanic the deadly iceberg identified

The deadly iceberg identified ? Photo taken by Captain Wood of the SS Estonian on 12 April.

66-titanic's last hour vivid story

Outside the White Star Offices, London.


A group of survivors on the deck of Carpathian

68- Titanic crowds outside White Star Line

Titanic crowds out White Star Line.

08-titanic return

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Cherboug and the entire North of Cotentin are rich in History and Heritage.


85-nez de jobourg cotentin normandie

These are the hightest cliffs in Europe, rising to 128 metres ( 419 ft 11 in ) at the top of Jobourg peak.

87-  phare de la hague

82-walking normandy coast cotentin

83-omonville maison prevert house

88-old castle in normandy cotentin

84-cotentin coast france landscape

93-normandy coastal path cotentin hague

Discover this natural heritage along the customs officers path looking out to the Channel islands, above the coves that often sparkle with sea green and turquoise.

86-cap de la hague cotentin france

94-marche nez de jobourg

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04- cité de la mer cherbourg normandy

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  1. Very interesting post! We happen to have a small town/community in my state called Cherbourg so the name caught my eye. I do not know if there is any link to your Cherbourg.


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