France – Burgundy Vineyards : Chablis, a great appelation – 30 photos.



The village of Chablis, Northwestern Burgundy, has given its name to one of the most famous French white wines. Chablis is made with Chardonnay, a grape that grows easily in the region.

Monks from the Abbey of Pontigny were the first to plant Chardonnay grapes here on the slopes surrounding the River Serein,realising that the microclimate in this area, with its cold spring was essential for the dry, honey-scented flavour of the wine. The wines fall into four appellations: Petit Chablis, Chablis, Premier Cru and Grand Cru. ( Read more )

This region offer many opportunities to discover delightful villages that have retained a typical winegrowing architecture. ( Read more )

02-vin chablis bourgogne


map burgundy

03-vignoble bourgogne


04-white burgundy chablis


05-rencontre en bourgogne

hiking walking tour de france

07-town of burgundy france


08-old street france chablis


09-antiquites saint-nicolas chablis


10-vins christophe camus chablis

37-chablis grand cru

11-commerces de chablis

hiking walking tour de france

12-galerie tete de l art chablis


13-what to see in burgundy


14-medieval house in france burgundy

hiking walking tour de france

15-wine bar along the river chablis france


16-chablis wines france burgundy


17-rivers in france


18-chablis france


19-vineyard tour chablis burgundy


20-relais de la belle etoile chablis


21-hotel in chablis


22-where to sleep in chablis


23-vine cellars of the 13 th century chablis france

hiking walking tour de france

24-andouillette de chablis marc colin


Andouillette de Chablis.

25-what to visit in burgundy


26-bike holidays france


27-chablis streets france


28-burgundy streets chablis


29-restaurant signé chablis france


30-restaurant wine cooking chablis france


31- i love chablis citroen 2 cv


32-great wines chablis pascal bouchard

34-great wines burgundy bourgogne

33-great wines grands crus burgundy


06-chablis monument aux morts

map burgundy

chablis bourgogne

walking biking tour in france


France is a  hiking  and cycling paradise and our goal is to share our passion for the diversity of our country…..Ici & Là Nature is a Website giving access to English speaking travelers to local hiking and cycling Companies experts of a region of  France or Spain.

Discover France off the beaten paths….Discover some of the most beautiful regions of France : ProvenceAquitaine, Perigord,  Bordeaux , the Alps , AlsaceMount St Michel , Brittany, Cevennes and of  Spain : Catalonia, the Camino de Santiago, Andalucia.( Read more : Ici & Là Nature )


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