France – Provence : Avignon, the Pope’s Palace, the biggest Gothic palace in the world – 50 photos.

41-pope palace avignon

avignon the Pope's Palace

The Popes palace, a fascinating place to see.

Located in the south of France, the Pope’s Palace was the seat of the Christian world in the 14th century. This exceptional monument, both a magnificient palace and a powerful fortress, is listed as UNESCO World and bears the mark of the nine popes who succeeded one another there, the most famous of whom were Benedict XII and Clement VI

A visit to the Palace allows to discover ceremonials rooms, chapels, cloister, the private papal apartments…


61-avignon palace

34-provence avignon pope palace



37-provence avignon palais des papes

01-travel avignon provence pope's palace

55-castles in france avignon


27-provence holidays avignon

10-avignon world heritage palace popes

11-avignon historic monument popes palace

05-festival avignon cour d' honneur theatre

12-festival avignon cour d' honneur palais des papes


06-avignon palace popes

04-avignon france palace popes

03-avignon palace of the popes

07-palace avignon provence

43-avignon palace

42-avignon castle

51-provence crazy rabbit avignon

13-avignon papal palace

14-world heritage site papal palace avignon provence

40-provence avignon palais des papes

39-provence avignon popes palace

53-fort saint jean avignon provence

50-avignon provence landscape

31-provence avignon castle

46-provence holidays


47-travel provence avignon

57-old castles in france avignon

58-old castles provence avignon france

59-castles france

60-gothic castles france avignon

36-provence avignon papal castle

21-provence biking holidays avignon

23-provence avignon town walls

25-provence avignon old door

17-provence Avignon bridge

 A legendary bridge

This bridge, built in the 13th century, was often damaged by the raing flood waters of the Rhone river, and during wars.Repaired and rebuilt again and again, it was definitively abandoned in the 17th century.

Discover this bridge and the song which has made it famous the world over , thetraditional French song  :On the Bridge of Avignon.

33-provence avignon castle bridge

On the Bridge of Avignon
(English Translation)

On the bridge of Avignon
They are dancing, they are dancing,
On the bridge of Avignon
They are dancing all around.

1 The handsome gentlemen go this way,
And then again go that way.


2 The pretty dames go this way,
And then again go that way.

54-pont avignon saint benezet

30-provence avignon pont

28-provence avignon bridge


18-avignon provence

26-provence avignon bridge

24-old castle provence avignon

32-provence avignon bridge castle

38-provence avignon bridge

29-provence pont d' avignon bell tower

49-song on the bridge of avignon



16-provence avignon bridge

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  1. A very clear guide – I am sad in a way because have visited Avignon but did not manage to absorb the fantastic stout buildings so I have now seen it through your eyes thank you


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