France : ” Visitez ” the birthplace of Champagne wine, Hautvillers – 60 photos.


cradle of champagne

 Famous for its ancient benedictine abbey, Hautvillers is considered as the birthplace of champagne wine in France  .( « the Cradle of Champagne » ).

69-village hautvillers champagne

Between the woods and the vineyards which overlook the Marne River, Hautvillers is located at 22 kilometers from Reims, the French Capital of Champagne.

In Hautvillers, you’ re in for a unique experience of the « King of Wine » Area.


70-champagne gobillard hautvillers

 In this area, classified « Champagne Premier Cru », the famous monk Dom Perignon started to build up modern oenology’s precepts .

68-hautvillers abbey france

 Settled up the hills, the abbey Saint-Peter of Hautvillers, was etablished in the year 650, following the so called « Dove Vision »

05-france footpath holidays champagne



70-monk dom perignon champagne



06-france footpath holidays champagne

 Dom Pérignon, who’s now resting in the abbey church, was the precursor of this sparkling atmosphere in the  « Cradle of Champagne ».


07-dom perignon grave



08-champagne abbey


Dom Perignon ( 1638 – 1715 ) , responsible for the Hautvillers abbey, found the five major elements of the Champagne wine.

– the gathering of grape of differents origins to make the vintage.

– the quick and fragmented pressing of the grape.

– the use of bottles made of thick glass to preserve the wine and maintain the bubbles.

– the use of cork wrapped up in seal bearing the arms of the abbey.

– cellar dug in the chalk so as to assure the ageing of the wines at a constant temperatur.


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10-abbey gallery


Nowadays, while wandering through the narrow streets and alleys, you’ ll be introduced to the tradition of the wrought iron signs.

There are over 140 of these crafted

pieces of iron, hanging from many walls of many houses, all unique and all revealing a small story, something personnal about the inhabitants.

41-wrought iron signs champagne



01-france footpath holidays champagne



09-rue de l' eglise



46-vineyards champagne epaernay landscape



47-vineyards epernay champagne




13-french baker



27-champagne works



28-champagne vine grower



17-famous walks in france champagne

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12-champagne bliard hautvillers



21-famous walks in france champagne



44-vine grower iron sign chamapgne



36-champagne marne hautvillers



23-famous walks in france champagne



25-french hiking trails champagne



24-french hiking trails champagne



26-les champagnes des vignerons

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20-famous walks in france champagne



19-cave dom perignon champagne





18-champagne dom perignon


33-champagne adam revolte hautvillers marne



31-champagne vineyards landscape hautvillers



34-hautvillers champagne marne



22-famous walks in france champagne



35-roadtrip champagne france



56-champagne grower hautvillers



66-epernay reims champagne hautvillers



65-champagne epernay france

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50-vignoble champagne epernay



50-epernay vallee marne champagne



49-marne river epernay



32-american cars rallye champagne



67-epernay reims champagne france



03-france footpath holidays champagne



53-abbey champagne france




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37-hautvillers champagne france



39-antiquites champagne



40-antiquites champagne



11-cave et jardin champagne



42-nectar amat nec mergitur



30-champagne hautvillers france



60-epernay champagne france



61-champagne france hautvillers



15-famous walks in france champagne


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51-village france champagne landscape



52-champagne biologique bliard



59-champagne epernay



57-champagne image marne france



64-le logis des moines champagne france


Champagne marylin monroe



63-café hautvillers champagne france



02-france footpath holidays champagne




71-monk dom perignon


cradle of champagne




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