France – Provence : Roussillon, the ochre village – 50 photos.

roussillon provence

Located  in Provence roughly midway between Avignon and Aix-en-Provence, Roussillon is a magical village surrounded by red cliffs and ochre quarries.

13-most beautiful village france roussillon

Ochres are natural pigments ranging from yellow and orange to red  that has been used as paint since prehistoric times.

12-village beautiful provence roussillon

 The ochre deposits provide a natural reddish-brown hue to the village.

  Roussillon is classified as one the most beautiful villages in France.



17-biking provence roussillon



16-Colorado provence



01-cycling provence roussillon

Roussillon with its walls colored by the ochered sands.


02-travel provence holidays roussillon



05-holidays provence trip roussillon



27-provence tour roussillon



28-visit provence trail roussillon



10-trompe l'oeil roussillon provence



09-travel summer roussillon provence



15-fountain provence roussillon



14-beautiful provence tophill village



06-art shop tapiezo roussillon provence



07-art shop tapiezo roussillon provence



08-art provence roussillon tapiezo



04-art shop provence roussillon



24-best village provence roussillon



03-landscape mount ventoux provence



31-blue door roussillon



32-luberon provence roussillon



23-great biking roads provence



22-colors houses roussillon provence 2



19-best cycling routes provence



18-biking paths provence



21-boucherie roussillon provence


11-discovering provence roussillon



55-old streets provence village



54-Provence village streets




20-roussillon luberon provence



29-typical village provence roussillon




40-litte street provence roussillon



39-roussillon provence



36-provence village roussillon



38-sun provence roussillon



37-door provence



42-window provence roussillon



41-la bistourle luberon provence



44-typical village provence roussillon luberon



48-roussillon provence

43-landscape picture provence



34-provence landscape luberon



26-roussillon provence road trip



25-roussillon luberon provence tour



30-tripping provence roussillon



50-town hall provence



49-tower bell typical church provence

46-bell tower provence roussillon



47-church clock provence roussillon



35-luberon shop



52-typical shop provence



51-typical shop provence



56-provence absinthe








53-village provence rousillon



the ochre village france roussillon



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20 replies to “France – Provence : Roussillon, the ochre village – 50 photos.

  1. All wonderful, but I love especially the architectural geometrics. Ready to frame and mount on the wall.
    I keep trying to figure out why these small French villages are so much more colorful, picturesque, appealing, attractive than our small New England town, and find so many reasons I get discouraged, and just stop thinking about it. I trust you realize every moment how lucky you are to be doing what you’re doing, where you are doing it!


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