At the end of the

 harbour of Sète ( Mediterranean Sea )

is a rusted out derelict vessel 

named the Rio Tagus .


Dans un bassin du 
port de Sète se trouve
un navire abandonné rouillé
nommé le Rio Tagus.







Rust has become encrusted
On wrecks







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Memories of a sea dismounted
At the time of the brave.











The hulls hit by the waves
Form an extent










The lost cemetery
Ships covered by algae.





















An atmosphere of suffering prevails in these places
Secrets and soothing















A special atmosphere protected by gods
Guardians of the vestiges of the past.














The macabre dance of boats on the waves
Remind sailors missing in waters












Dark reality
That of the cemetery rusty boats.











The Rio Tagus landed at Sète in October 2010.

The cargo ship, a chemical transporter, is the victim of a waterway.

The wages of the crew are no longer paid by the owner.

It can not leave again: it is too dangerous to go back to sea.

The 11 Ukrainian, Egyptian and Ghanaian sailors

will remain 4 months alone and abandoned.

The solidarity of the seafarers will save them.

The Rio Tagus is still in the harbour  of Sète.