Walking in Paris – The Louvre Museum – 30 photos

The Louvre Museum is an old royal palace

located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris

on the right bank of the Seine.





 The Louvre Museum  is the world’s largest art museum

and a historic monument in Paris.






 In 2017, the Louvre was the world’s most visited art museum,

receiving 8.1 million visitors.





Pavillon Denon




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Approximately 38,000 objects from prehistory to the 21st century

are exhibited over an area of 72,735 square metres

(782,910 square feet).




The most admired painting in art history

can be viewed in the Louvre .



The Louvre Pyramid  is a large glass and metal pyramid

designed by Chinese-American architect  Pei,

surrounded by three smaller pyramids.




The large pyramid serves as the main entrance

to the Louvre Museum.



The main pyramid was a technical challenge.

Completed in 1989,

it has become a landmark of the city of Paris.











Entrance Rue de Rivoli






Ici & Là Nature : Hiking and cycling tours in France



Pei is clearly inspired by

pyramids of the Giza site in Egypt, the

pyramid of Cheops being the most famous.









Equestrian Statue of King Louis XIV












The Famous Men are a series of 86 statues

installed on the wings of courtyard of the Louvre.






Most are historical personalities of French culture.




Pavillon Richelieu










Pavillon de l’ Horloge









Carroussel du Louvre








Jardin des Tuileries 



Ici & Là Nature : Hiking and cycling tours in France






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